Siser Heat Transfer Sheets

Loyal Customers,

The craft business is dynamic and rapidly growing. Southeastern Craft Supply was started to fill a void in the sheeted HTV and SAV business in the Raleigh / Durham market. Since the opening of SECS there have been numerous storefronts that have moved into what once was a void. In order to avoid conflicting business models we have decided to discontinue our sheet business. This includes Siser EasyWeed Sheets, Siser EasyWeed stretch sheets, Siser Glitter sheets, and our printed patterns. This discontinuation will also include Oracal 651 sheets once we have depleted our remaining inventory.  

Southeastern Craft Supply will still continue to offer rolls of Siser Glitter, Siser EasyWeed, and Siser Easyweed stretch. These roll lengths will be a minium of 5 yards each. 

We encourage our sheet customers to check out the following local suppliers:

Go Stick it Vinyl

Jasie Vinyl Supply

Vinyl Creation Blanks

We appreciate your business!